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joop 001

Norfolk based 'the dolphin post' are the first release on our own Jupiter's Moon label.

Featuring songs of hope and regret along with a couple of sideswipes at recent political events, this CD contains 14 songs (+ 3 bonus songs) recorded in a darkened room late at night.

Described by one reviewer as "a delightful selection and no mistake" and another as having "especially enjoyable textures and vocal delivery" there is much to recommend  'The General Selection'

Available to buy now in CD format via this site or to download from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

BBC Introducing said "If you do one thing today; checkout 'the dolphin post' - some cracking tunes





joop 002

Conceived as a fundraiser for the band Stackridge and their USA trip, this compilation features Jupiter's Moon artists 'the dolphin post', LaF & 'The Brighton Peers' alongside another eight artists. They are all fans of the band and gave their time and material in order to support them.

In the great tradition  of classic 'samplers' like 'Nice Enough to Eat' and 'Rock Machine Turns you On' this CD stands in it's own right as an hours worth of impressive and enjoyable music.

Every penny from every sale goes to the Stackridge Flying Fund, which Jupiter's Moon is very happy to support.

Buy a great Limited Edition CD and celebrate a great English band.



joop 003

School of the Arts bring their improvised 'organic dance music' to the market for the first time.

Twelve tunes that could never be repeated as this anonymous duo improvisations fly by the seat of their pants into uncharted airspace.

Every note is played 'as live' giving the listener moments of pastoral beauty that shift into angular sharp edged bursts of electronica this disc never ceases to excite and impress. As the sleeve notes put it....

"No Sequencers, No Sampling, No Shit"



joop 004

LaF - the band formed around Phil Matthews & Alastair Boden have built a classic collection of songs infused with their obvious love of late '60s and early '70s melodic rock.

The term 'soft rock' is too diffuse and indistinct a term to sound like anything other than an insult - and these tunes neither insult your intelligence nor your ears. In fact your ears will probably buy you a pint for giving them such a melodic treat

Those who have enjoyed LaF's contributions to 'Assisted Flight' will be even more delighted by this collection of great tunes.

LaF have built up a solid fanbase and international acclaim with high quality EPs and singles, Jupiter's Moon are pleased (make that proud) to release their first full length LP for many years


joop 005

A collection of songs from this US based singer songwriter. Features the track Big Baby covered by Stackridge on "Sex & Flags"

Home recordings with influences from the Beach Boys to the Great American songbook show why the Great British band were impressed enough to make one of Rick's songs one of their only recorded cover version - another one is a Lennon McCartney song.




joop 006

Our second release from this Norfolk based singer songwriter under his nom de pluck the dolphin post

Songs about relationships - the good the bad and the downright ugly abound. All recorded late at night with hushed vocals so as not to wake his wife......

"Probably best I don't wake her as some of the lyrics are about her and some not - I'd hate her to misunderstand and think that some that quite definitely are imaginary are about her...... God, I'd be in SO much trouble"


joop 007

A companion release to joop 006 - Secondhand Hearts, this is a selection of secondhand songs. Cover versions that you may recognise but you quite definitely will not have seen them wearing these clothes and hairstyles.

From the reggae-fied cover of the Chairmen of the Board's 'Give me just a little more time' to the  hypnotic version of elbows 'Scattered Black & Whites' the dolphin post deconstruct and rebuild the tunes and songs in a way that shows love for the originals but wants to take them places they've never been before.

Includes an extra uncredited song within the download version "because its so ridiculous I couldn't admit what I'd done before you part with cash!"